The Simmons Foundation
A Maine Private Charitable Foundation
Grant Completion Report
The Trustees of the Simmons Foundation would like to know the results of your project and ask that you provide us with a Grant Completion Report. This form should be sent back within six (6) months of the completion of your funded Project. If you wish to have the Simmons Foundation consider a multi-year request, this form, or a written progress report of your on-going project, must be received with or before the filing of any other grant request.   NOTE: Failure to return a Grant Completion Form may affect any future funding requests you may send.

Organization Name:


Project Title:

Amount awarded:

Date Awarded: 

To what extent were your original goals and objectives for this project achieved?

What was the Project’s impact on your targeted population?  Please provide relevant statistics if available.

What, if any, unexpected obstacles or opportunities did you encounter with your Project?  (Please explain.)

Did you have to make any significant changes to the original Project proposal (e.g. timeline, budget, results)?  (Please explain.)

How were the Simmons Foundation grant funds actually spent?  Were there changes in the actual expenses versus the budgeted request?

Did our funding act as seed money or matching money, or did it otherwise assist with getting other funding for your project? (Please explain.)

Did you receive excess funding for your Project above and beyond your original budget through additional sources? How will you spend any additional funds?

If applicable, how do you propose to provide adequate funding for this project in the future?

Are there any additional comments you wish to make regarding our grant application, award notification, and post-grant reporting process to help us with future applicants?

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